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Oh Venus, grant me my love's divine face!
That face which causes all flowers to bloom,
Who hath certainly been sent from God's grace. 
My wretched soul, let this not be my tomb!
This siege has given our gracious God gloom. 
Lo, I live on, as your soul  lights the fire,
Keeping e'en death at bay is my desire.

The terrible French fire their  shot all day.
'Tis a reminder of your beating heart,
Who's joy and virtue stood strong, come what may.)
I shan't imagine a world where we part,
And it pains me to write this, like a dart.
If it be Heaven's will to fell these walls
You shall have my soul, inside your heart's halls.

It grows dark this night, but it burns so bright
Like my love, it begins to warm and spread.
This feeling shared, it lights the shady night 
Only if it has been given and said.
God give you this poem and it be read!
For by tomorrow I will be no more,
And Lucca and I will be free from war.


The Royal Couple
A sigil for poor Jaime and Cersei based off their conversation after certain events in Season 6, Episode 1 of Game of Thrones.
The Sigil of House Blackfyre-Velaryon (ModernGoT) by Claudius42
The Sigil of House Blackfyre-Velaryon (ModernGoT)
The House of Blackfyre-Velaryon was formed in the era rebirth following the collapse of the Iron Throne. After the kingdom they had served fell, House Velaryon withdrew from regional politics for a more profitable endeavor. Piracy. After the mysterious death of young Monterys Velaryon, although many Maesters claim it was murder, Aurane Waters returned to Driftmark with a large fleet of three-decked warships to take the castle as his own. Styling himself as Lord of The Waters and King of The Stepstones, Lord Aurane Velaryon forged a century of piracy and conquest by the House of Velaryon. The Stepstones were united by the pirate kings and Dragonstone as well as Claw Isle and even Tarth would come under he control of the Velaryons. The fortunes of Driftmark's began to err when a coalition of Storm Lords and Crownlanders smashed the Velaryon fleet at anchor in 340 AL. With most of their fleet destroyed and not the resources to by any more, the Velaryons began to fade for nearly a century. The pirate kingdom broke apart with the stepstones sundering into squabbling islands of different pirate captains before split between Dorne and The Five Daughters in 400 AL.

During this time the Blackfyres remained in hiding, waiting for the opportunity to take what was rightfully theirs. The true heir of House Blackfyre, Maelys II was hidden while the Golden Company fought with the Targaryen Aegon against his aunt Daenerys. While the Golden Company was destroyed in that vicious Dance, Maelys worked as a common sellsword in Lys and Tyrosh. The bastard house would remain this way until Aegon 'The Bastard of Bastards' Blackfyre would found a new sellsword company, aptly named the The Black Bastards. Flying a banner of pure black with red raindrops, this company became the new foremost sellsword company in all of Essos and made sure to travel the world and be hired from Braavos all the way to Asshai-By-The-Shadow. It was on one of these journeys that House Blackfyre introduced the most devastating weapon to westeros since dragons. Mixing potions from alchemists in Yi Ti with the sulfur of Valyria, the Black Bastards brought our modern world into the age of guns. With these weapons, the Blackfyres looked to regain their own kingdom. In 460 AL they began to create a new alliance of lords and generals into the second Ninepenny Kings. Sailing from Pentos they assaulted and captured dragonstone. Sailing southwest, they came upon the remains of driftmark and the last female heir of House Velaryon. Enraptured by her beauty, Maelys III wed her and began to make preperations for war with Westeros. Although he would die before its completeion, the new fleet of driftmark was the one of the most powerful the world had ever seen. His son, Daemon would take the name Blackfyre-Velaryon to be Daemon I of Westeros. Using the what the maesters orignally caled Dragonsticks, Daemon's sellsword armies forged the United Kingdom that stands to this day. The Royal Sigil is the Blackfyre Dragon halved with the Velaryon Seahorse. Its leg carries a cannon and their words are "Blood and Black Powder", orignally held by the sellsword company that they founded.

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I lie and swear, I drink and fuck
And I guess that would shock Ol' Huck.
Things I love to do are good luck
For me and for those I suck.

n our lives we're all the winner
Even if we're still beginner.
So lest you see the mind inner,
I'm as much saint as sinner.
Saints and Sinners
One of those things you think up and have to write down.


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