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Oh Venus, grant me my love's divine face!
That face which causes all flowers to bloom,
Who hath certainly been sent from God's grace. 
My wretched soul, let this not be my tomb!
This siege has given our gracious God gloom. 
Lo, I live on, as your soul  lights the fire,
Keeping e'en death at bay is my desire.

The terrible French fire their  shot all day.
'Tis a reminder of your beating heart,
Who's joy and virtue stood strong, come what may.)
I shan't imagine a world where we part,
And it pains me to write this, like a dart.
If it be Heaven's will to fell these walls
You shall have my soul, inside your heart's halls.

It grows dark this night, but it burns so bright
Like my love, it begins to warm and spread.
This feeling shared, it lights the shady night 
Only if it has been given and said.
God give you this poem and it be read!
For by tomorrow I will be no more,
And Lucca and I will be free from war.


Flag of The Reach by Claudius42
Flag of The Reach
The Reach with its fertile lands left the Iron Throne peacefully in 317 AL. This does not mean it did not suffer its own problems. King Mace fought for four years to drive out the Ironborn, and died in the process. King Willas The Cripple drove the Florents into exile to seize their lands for Garlan around 322 AL. Garlan was assassinated by one of the Sand Snakes a year later. Willas finally succumbed to his disablilty in 330 AL leaving The Reach to Queen Margaery and her husband Tommen. She ruled for the rest of her days, and her children inherited The Reach as Tyrells. The next few centuries were relatively peaceful, save for a few wars with Dorne and The United Kingdom. During the great rebirth, The Reach became the center of scholarly learning as new discoveries were being made. The Citadel of Oldtown evolved into Westeros' first University after Maester's broke their chains in 445 AL. Science was about discovering the new in life, not prattling about the same thing over and over. The best students from across Westeros come here for education. The Reach is still very much the breadbasket of Westeros, but is also its best naval power and leaders in genetic technologies.
The Westerlands Flag by Claudius42
The Westerlands Flag
The Westerlands fell into near complete disarray after the last of the Lannisters of Casterly Rock died. The Lannisters of Lannisport saw themselves as the natural heirs to Casterly Rock and the Westerlands itself. Unfortunately, this was disputed by the far more powerful lords of realm. A civil war that lasted a generation ensued. The Lannisters of Lannisport fought for their own claim against a succesion of ambitious lords and pretenders, with Reynes and Lannisters being sprung up and cut down over and over. One man even claimed to be a member of House Casterly. He even got a small following before being killed by the Paynes at Silverhill in 395 AL. The war ended five years later at the actions of one man. Tytos Crakehall called for a parley between all of the lords so that he may lay down his arms and support their claimants. When they arrived at Crakehall, the doors were locked. Tytos gave a rousing speech calling for an end to the fighting. He told them to remember the lesson of Tywin Lannister, that a strong Westerlands must be united as one. He offered a solution to that would take Tywin's advice without suffering under another Tywin. In the eighth month of the year 402 AL, The Great Council of Crakehall was convened and its members signed the Consitution of Crakehall making the Westerlands a Parliamentary state. The country flourished for the next three centuries, with only a few minor civil conflicts. The Westerlands became the technological and financial center of Westeros, with the Bank of Lannisport replacing the Iron Bank as the major financial store for Westeros. It is still the largest and most important stock exchange on the continent. The Westerands were the first to acquire dragonpowder besides the Blackfyres and used it to defeat them at The Golden Tooth in 570 AL. They colonized the southern Iron Islands in 530 AL. They've had an alliance with The Reach since 640 AL.


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