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Oh Venus, grant me my love's divine face!
That face which causes all flowers to bloom,
Who hath certainly been sent from God's grace. 
My wretched soul, let this not be my tomb!
This siege has given our gracious God gloom. 
Lo, I live on, as your soul  lights the fire,
Keeping e'en death at bay is my desire.

The terrible French fire their  shot all day.
'Tis a reminder of your beating heart,
Who's joy and virtue stood strong, come what may.)
I shan't imagine a world where we part,
And it pains me to write this, like a dart.
If it be Heaven's will to fell these walls
You shall have my soul, inside your heart's halls.

It grows dark this night, but it burns so bright
Like my love, it begins to warm and spread.
This feeling shared, it lights the shady night 
Only if it has been given and said.
God give you this poem and it be read!
For by tomorrow I will be no more,
And Lucca and I will be free from war.


"Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men."~H.P. Lovecraft

Always watching.

The man was the one who was supposed to be the master, yet he was not. This book, and what it contains has enslaved him. It said it would grant him his greatest wishes, and sooth is greatest desires. He wished to become King, and the book ripped itself open to a page near the end of itself. Sprawled across the ancient papyrus was an unintelligible script. Swaths of tar-black and blood-red formed the hideous words, as if the author was a screaming victim, trapped in the pages and calling for help. Symbols jumped from the page and formed and image. The Man's Brother! The King.

'Say these words.' It slowly screeched, a voice like a man being stripped of flesh. 'I shall grant your wish, but you must give what you have wished.'

'I will.' He said, shaking in his boots. 'VOS DAH! VKRK KHET MA TYSDR KA LA NA MST HKIIP K'LEYN!'

'GRANTED' The horrible book moaned. The images on the books moved and flowed like the waves on a sea. It changed to some horrific creature, with as many arms as there are stars in the sky, and back to the king who was slumbering in his bed. The kings eyes ripped open in a panic worthy of the gods, as some devilish shadow crossed over his face. He opened his mouth but no sound came out as the shadow thing coalesced beneath his pillow. A black point came rushing through the king's throat, and the book threw itself closed.

'It is done, you are King.' The vile thing said 'The king of all damned kings.'

A scream was heard in the night, and the man vanished. All that was found in the next morning was an open book whose page revealed an image of a thing on a throne. This thing was some deformed man, grotesque for all eyes, crowned with every diadem and coronet created by men and gods.

The art was titled 'Long Live the Daemon Sultan of Men.
The Secret Journals #5: The Book
This will be the last one I post for now. It was still apart of that horror week, and a mixture of Poe and Lovecraft. If you haven't noticed by now, I love epigrams.


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