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Oh Venus, grant me my love's divine face!
That face which causes all flowers to bloom,
Who hath certainly been sent from God's grace. 
My wretched soul, let this not be my tomb!
This siege has given our gracious God gloom. 
Lo, I live on, as your soul  lights the fire,
Keeping e'en death at bay is my desire.

The terrible French fire their  shot all day.
'Tis a reminder of your beating heart,
Who's joy and virtue stood strong, come what may.)
I shan't imagine a world where we part,
And it pains me to write this, like a dart.
If it be Heaven's will to fell these walls
You shall have my soul, inside your heart's halls.

It grows dark this night, but it burns so bright
Like my love, it begins to warm and spread.
This feeling shared, it lights the shady night 
Only if it has been given and said.
God give you this poem and it be read!
For by tomorrow I will be no more,
And Lucca and I will be free from war.


Oh great muse, cause these words to fly.
This word work is that of a woe,
Dealt by a prince, dead from his thigh.
Wife to Wife, the more he did know,
It was very sure he would grow.
Finding a son caused him much strife,
Angering his precious ego,
Making him find a brand new wife.

The first, the best, will make you cry.
Born in Spain, she would often sew,
The doublets of he who would lie.
Divorced, dead in the cold snow.
The second, the witch, she did sow
Evil and death, which are now rife.
The French sword became her last beau,
Making him find a brand new wife.

The third, beloved, did indeed die,
Giving the king a prince in tow.
The fourth, foreign, was like a sigh.
Divorced, named ugly as a crow,
Out of Hampton Court she would go.
The rest could be played with the fife.
Number five took the last axe blow.
Making him find a brand new wife.

L'Envoi de Marie et Philippe

I am sorry, my queen, for lo
Like thy father, you lost your life.
Thus England lost the king, her glow.
Making him find a brand new wife.
Now I bind my soul to the sea.
May God grant calm waters and fair wind.
We of Venice hath never sinned,  
As long as we have been so free.

The Mistress of Venice is thee,
Protecting those who are not finned.
Now I bind my soul to the sea.
May God grant calm waters and fair wind.

Here I continue this great plea!
O Poseidon! Keep thy rage pinned!
For lo! In marriage are we twinned!
For our bride I shall bend my knee.
Now I bind my soul to the sea.
May God grant calm waters and fair wind.
Rondel: The Venetian's Vow
After finding my Creative Writing Stuff, I found the poetry project I did for AP Lit. This is a classical rondel, following the lyrical style of medieval France.
Wuffingas Imperial Arms of Franco-Britannia by Claudius42
Wuffingas Imperial Arms of Franco-Britannia
The arms of the family I played in Crusader Kings 2: The Wuffingas of East Anglia. They conquered all of England, France, Germany, and Italy to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor. Over the next few centuries their conquests included Ummayad Spain and Ireland and Scotland. Inept leadership saw their decline in the late middle ages, as they consecutively lost Germany Italy and Spain. The empire is now mostly just Great Britain, France, and The Dutch Kingdoms. Credit on the Imperial Crown of Charlemagne goes to Fennic-O-Manic.


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